Beyond Surviving – Thriving

What does it take for an individual, a family, a community to change, grow and thrive? What structures need to be in place, and what actions do each of us need to take to create thriving communities?

This is the question I’m interested in.

As a fundraiser, I am witness to and part of collaborations that result in lives changed for the better. I know that change is possible. The pursuit of a thriving community is rewarding work for anyone willing to get involved. It isn’t necessarily easy or “tidy” work. In fact, it’s often quite challenging and messy!

As a member of my community, I’m plugging in to local groups to ask my neighbours about thriving:

  • What does “thrive” mean to us?
  • Are we thriving?
  • If not, would we like to?
  • What’s in the way?
  • What will it look like when we are thriving?

I’d love to know your thoughts.  Please comment below!


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