Here is an “optimum” way to help support a newcomer family

Soon a family from Syria will arrive in Toronto, and the amazing, kind, and generous members of our sponsoring group the Guildwood Refugee Action Committee (GRACE) will welcome them, help them get settled into a home, and help them understand and navigate a whole new life in a new country and culture. (Amazing, right?)

Do you have a Shopper’s Optimum card? A very simple (and painless) way you can help is by donating your Shopper’s Optimum Points. If you transfer those points to me, I will pool them with the points collected by other members of GRACE, and together, we will use those points to purchase everyday items like shampoo, soap, toilet paper, basic first aid supplies, cold remedies, household cleaning supplies and groceries.

It’s quite remarkable how those points can add up so quickly! If you shop the store’s special offers to purchase your own everyday items, you’ll know that it isn’t too hard to accumulate Optimum points. When those points are redeemed, they can go a long way. Just how far can those points go? Well, 95,000 Optimum points turns into $170. That’s a lot of everyday supplies, and it’s a big help to our team as we support our family.

If you’re ready to transfer your points to me, AWESOME! Here’s how:

  1. Please log on to your account via the Shopper’s Drug Mart website. The login button is in the top bar of the page. Then, click on “optimum”Click on Optimum
  2. Once you’ve logged in, the top bar will look a little different. You’ll see your name in place of where you see login in the picture above, and there will be another horizontal menu. Look at this new horizontal menu for the “Donate/Transfer Points” and give it a click.SDM Donate Transfer
  3. Now, for this next step, make sure you have on hand the optimum card number for the person you wish to donate your points to. You will need to pay attention to the last 9 numbers of the card. If you would like to donat your points to me, please let me know in the comments area below. O ce you have the numbers, simply enter m in the appropriate box. Then, enter in the number of points you want to transfer. Once this is done, just click on “Transfer Points” and the transfer will be completed. You are done!
  4. I will get a notification from Shoppers that you have donated your points to me. I will feel all warm and fuzzy, and (if I have your contact info) I will contact you to say Thank You! Then you will feel all warm and fuzzy, too. ALL GOOD.


If you are having difficulties, Shopper’s invites you to call their Customer Service Call Center at 1-800-SHOPPERs (1-800-746-7737).

Oh my goodness. Thank you!


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